1. Xinspower Brand Paraphrase

Xin = Chinese PinYin of "Xin", has a meaning equivalent to "new". Xinspower is committed to making new epoch, new thinking and innovative enterprise.
Power = Power adapter. Another meaning is force, rapid forward.
Earth graphics implies the contribution of XInspower's power products to every corner of the earth.

Xinspower people use their innovative thinking and whole force, not fearing the difficulty and keep going, producing approval security power products for consumers around the world, Their company perspective is to let the Xinspower brand be world-renowned and make the products be a pride of the Chinese.

2. Xinspower Brand Introduction

In order to open up the global market demand, Xinspower actively applies for "XinSPower", a global trademark, and has completed the registration of trademark certificates in China, United States, Europe(including GB), Australia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Russia and so on. And looking for strong and willing agent or distributor in the world to establish long-term strategic cooperation relations.

Xinspower brand is comprehensive. It covers product, R&D technology and manufacturing capability. These three brands are independent but integrated with each other.

Global Trademark Certificate

                    China                                                 America                                               Japan


                   Korea                                                                          Europe     


Xinspower, OBM (Product Brand)

Xinspower is a high-end power product brand created by all members of Xinspower company. Xinspower committed to build one-stop solution for switch power adapter and charger from IT devices, AV devices, household appliances, LED products and medical equipment applications to smart charging devices and quick charging devices.
Insist on producing safe power adapter and charger. Enhance company image by building, publicizing and promoting brand image. Thereby realize the company's core value.

Xinspower, ODM (R&D Technology Brand)

Xinspower has developed hundreds of custom project of power adapter and smart charging products for the world's high-end guests. From industrial design, structural design, circuit design and other product realization processes. Xinspower has a certain technical reserve and capability in the field of power research design and development. On all designed products, Xinspower will require it with Xinspower LOGO.

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Xinspower, OEM (Manufacturing Brand)

Recent years, Xinspower has been building the manufacturing platform. Strengthen factory's management, develop software, use high-end ERP management system, ISO 9001 quality management system and BSCI social responsibility system, join USB-IF and WPC, implement KPI, introduce advanced intelligent hardware equipment.
Fully Automatic Manufacturing Equipment
Automatic Test and Intelligent Test Equipment
Professional Reliability Test Room

Xinspower pays great attention to the cultivation of manufacturing talents. The company's products have formed a unique style and have been recognized by many world-renowned customers. Xinspower has become an excellent OEM brand in the power adapter industry.

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