Our R&D Capabilities.

1.We have experienced senior technical team.

Our core members of the research and development, are engaged in switching power supply product research and development for more than 15 years, successively in large foreign power supply enterprise DVE, CWT, LEADE etc,leading power adapter research and development, research and development of power supply from 5W to 1000W high power series and so on,assisted many companies through power patent technology application, the switching power supply technology, cost control, production process and the R&D team management with dominated ability.

We have a perfect R&D organizational structure,R&D director, design group(electronic engineer, structural engineer,LAYOUT engineer),DQE validation group,document group management,sample group and custom case management team, etc.

Strategic Partners

2.We have excellent home and abroad long-term strategic partners of power supply core components.

Advanced reliability equipment

    3.Our R&D department has the most advanced power supply design, sample making, test and reliability verification equipment.

  • EMC Conduction Tester
    1.EMC Conduction Tester

    (verify that EMC meets the requirements of laws and regulations), (reliability testing room)

  • 2.CHROMA,6500 Series AC Power Supply

    Analog voltage waveform distortion, instantaneous voltage drop, to verify the design power input voltage adaptive capacity.

  • 3.CHROMA, 66200 Series power meter

    The test design power supply meets the latest energy efficiency requirements of each country

  • 4.CHROMA,Programmable electronic load 6330A+Series

  • 5.TEKTRONIXDigital oscilloscope TDC3014C Series

  • Column agilent road temperature tester
    6.Column agilent road temperature tester

    The Item

  • LMXOR Power Adapter Automatic Test System(Use for sample test)
    7.LMXOR Power Adapter Automatic Test System(Use for sample test)

    All power supply details are imported into the system, and the sample is fully guaranteed to meet the customers' demanding requirements.

  • Han’s laser engraving machine(to meet the standardization of rating label before shipment)
    8.Han’s laser engraving machine(to meet the standardization of rating label before shipment)

  • Constant temperature and humidity meter (reliability laboratory)
    9.Constant temperature and humidity meter (reliability laboratory)

    Verify the reliability of the product in high temperature, high humidity or low temperature;

  • Electronic Aging House(Reliability laboratory.)
    10.Electronic Aging House(Reliability laboratory.)

    Test the sample and verify the reliability of the product.

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